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Senior Dog CDS Checklist

Could your dog be showing signs of CDS? Check all descriptions that apply to your dog, and click the “Complete form” button. Then print this list to take to your veterinarian.

Your dog’s name:    
Your dog’s age:  
Does your dog:
Appear lost or confused in the house or yard?
Fail to recognize familiar people?
Fail to respond to verbal cues or name?
Have difficulty finding the door or stand on the hinge side of the door?
Appear to forget the reason for going outdoors?
  (Interaction with family members)
Seek attention less often?
Walk away when being petted?
Show less enthusiasm upon greeting you?
No longer greet family members?
  (Sleep and activity changes)
Sleep more during the day?
Sleep less during the night?
Wander or pace more?
  (Loss of house-training)
Urinate indoors?
Have accidents indoors soon after being outside?
Forget to ask you to go outside?
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